Aquatic Plants
Aquatic Design & Supplies is dedicated to supplying well-rooted, robust potted plants. The majority of our plants are second year-potted plants, meaning they are all well-established plants ready for placement into your pond or wetland garden. We also carry bare root plants, which can be used for larger retention ponds and wetland projects.
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Planting Zones
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Make sure you are selecting the right plants for the right spot in your pond.  Having a variety of plants in the different zones makes the pond look better and promotes pond health
Water Lillies/Lotus
Hardy Water Lily
These lilies are best suited to the deeper areas of the pond (approx. 18′-36″ deep). We offer a wide selection of named and un-named varieties available in whites, pinks, reds, and yellows. They bloom from May-September.
Tropical Water Lily
These lilies are divided into two categories: day bloomers, which open up in the morning and close in the afternoon, and night bloomers, which open up in the evening and close in mid-morning. Tropical lilies should be grown in about 6″- 18″ of water and should not be brought outside until mid-June.
Water Lotus
Lotus is a hardy plant with spectacular blooms and leaves. They come in a wide assortment of sizes ranging between 1 ‘- 6′ tall. We carry a wide selection of named and un-named varieties. Lotus bloom from July-Sept. and are available in whites, pinks, reds, yellows. They grow best in 4″-12″ of water above the top of the container.
Hardy Planting Zones
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Marginal Plants
These plants make an excellent addition to the edge of the pond. They grow best in water 0”-6” and vary in heights and sizes. Some, such as grasses and cattails, can grow up to 4’ tall while others remain shorter and even flower. We carry a wide range of different hardy and tropical plants, all of which have their own unique characteristics.
Floating Plants
These plants float on the surface of the water and remain un-rooted. They provide shade and protection for fish and also help to filter out excess nutrients that may cause algae problems. We carry water hyacinth and water lettuce, both of which are considered to be tropical.
Water Hyacinth
This floating plant has bulbous stems which help it to float and will even produce a beautiful purple bloom throughout the summer months.
Water Lettuce
This floating plant does not have a very unique bloom, but does have a very unique vegetative foliage.  It will provide excellent surface coverage in your pond.
These plants are submerged below the water surface with weights, they do not require potting. Oxygenators help to balance your pond by adding oxygen to your water and consuming excess nutrients and ammonia; they also provide a place for fish to spawn. We carry Hornwort which is sold in bundles of 6-7 strands.