Pond Formulas
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Need to calculate Volume of Water?  Hose Diameter for Waterfall Pump? Electrical Consumption? Pond Liner Calculations? Stone Calculations? Head Preassure and Pipe Loss? or Pond-Less Reservoir Size?
Fish Health
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Are your Fish not acting normal?  Are you seeing bumps or scales?  Take a look at our Fish Health Page
Pond Health
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Is your pond green or brown?  Does something not seem right?  Take a look at our Pond Health Document
Do You Have A Leak?
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An average pond looses 2-4 inches of water a week due to evaporation.  If you are adding more than this you may have a leak.  Some customers like to self diagnose a leak.  Take a look at our leak flow chart if you would like to try it yourself.
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Curious about Aeration?  Wonder how Aeration works?  Don't know the benefits of Aeration?  Take a look at our Aeration Document
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Have you ever wondered what Aquaponics is?  How it works?  Or the benefits of it.  If so, take a look at our About Aquaponics Document