Let Aquatic Designs & Supplies do the dirty work for you.  We offer maintenance services to make your pond look as good as new.  Our knowledgeable staff is trained in proper fish handling and cleaning techniques to ensure your pond will look better then it ever has before.
Spring Maintenance
A spring cleaning is a great way to make sure your pond is healthy and looks good to start a new season.  A typical spring cleaning includes: draining pond, collecting fish and placing them in a holding tank (with an areator to provide oxygen), power washing stone, sucking up sludge from bottom of pond, cleaning out bio-filter and skimmer box, checking pumps, refilling pond with water (adding De-chlorinator if needed), and safely returning fish back to their new clean home unharmed.
Fall Maintenance
A fall cleaning is a great way to get your water feature ready for fall and winter.  A typical fall maintenance at a minimum should include: trimming of plants, removing as much organic material as possible and adding leaf netting to ensure falling leaves do not enter pond throughout the winter.  Ponds may not necessarily need to be drained and power washed in the fall, but available upon customer request.
Monthly Maintenance
A monthly cleaning would be separate from the normal Spring and Fall Cleaning.  A monthly cleaning is to schedule us to come out and touch up the water feature.  This would include cleaning skimmers, checking pumps, trimming plants, monitoring fish and pond health, dropping off fish food and other items needed.