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Aquatic Designs offers a wide variety of services including but not limited to Maintenance, Consultations, and Trouble-Shooting Issues!
Let Aquatic Designs & Supplies do the dirty work for you.  We offer maintenance services to make your pond look as good as new.  Our knowledgeable staff is trained in proper fish handling and cleaning techniques to ensure your pond will look better then it ever has before.

  Spring Maintenance
A spring cleaning is a great way to make sure your pond is healthy and looks good to start a new season.  A typical spring cleaning includes: draining pond, collecting fish and placing them in a holding tank (with an aerator to provide oxygen), power washing stone, sucking up sludge from bottom of pond, cleaning out bio-filter and skimmer box, checking pumps, refilling pond with water (adding De-chlorinator if needed), and safely returning fish back to their new clean home unharmed.

Fall Maintenance
A fall cleaning is a great way to get your water feature ready for fall and winter.  A typical fall maintenance includes a standard spring cleaning with the bonus of having plants trimmed down and pond netting placed over the pond to prevent leaves from entering the pond.
Pond Consults
Confused about what to do with your pond?  Our expert staff can help.  We offer onsite-and in office pond/watefall consults.
Lake Consults
Is your lake smelly and green?  There are many natural ways to fix that issue.  We can help.  We offer on-site and in-office lake management consults.
Aquaponic Consults
Need help with an Aquaponic System?  Our expert staff can help with design, layout, types of fish, types of lights, and what veggies to grow.  We have designed, built, and maintained small up to very large greenhouse systems.
Hydroponic Consults
Need help with a Hydroponic System?  Our expert staff can help with design, layout, types of lights, and types of nutrients.  We have designed, built, and maintained big, small, horizontal, and vertical systems
Hardware Replacement 
Aquatic Designs can come out and replace any defective hardware.  Including but not limited to: bio-filters, liner, pumps, skimmer boxes etc.
Leak Detection
Adding more water than normal?  You may have a leak.  Aquatic Designs employees are experts at finding and correcting problems.