Lake Supplies

Having problems with your lake’s water quality?  Aquatic Design carries many products that work on large lakes or farm ponds.  Looking for a non-chemical algae treatment?  Ask about aeration systems or barley straw.
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Aeration Systems
Aeration is a non chemical way of adding oxygen to your lake.  Fountains look pretty but deep aeration systems will vastly improve your water quality and reduce your sediment and sludge problems.
Want a quick fix?  Get rid of all unwanted organic material and algae by applying the right product.  Don't know which product you need? Stop by Aquatic Designs & Supplies.
Barely Treatment
A non chemical, natural form of algae treatment.  Barley straw is a nice natural way (non-chemical) to get rid of unwanted algae.  Amount is dependent on the size of pond that needs treatment.