Pond/Fish Care
Worried about your fish or the health of your water?  Aquatic Designs carries a large variety of treatments.  It can be hard to diagnose a problem on your own.  Come into our retail shop and one of our employees can help you diagnose the problem as well as find the solution.   If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us.

There are a lot of misleading claims on pond and fish treatments.  Come in and learn from years of experience and most of all, customer feedback.  We will not sell you a treatment because you think you need it.  The ultimate goal is for you to do nothing.
Fish Care
Aquatic Designs carries a wide variety of products that can bring your sick fish back to perfect health. Medications available to treat:
-Bacterial Infections
-Fungal Infections
-External wound

Pond Care
Aquatic Designs carries a wide variety of critically tested products that can keep your pond healthy and balanced.  Products include:
-Beneficial Bacteria
-Sediment Control