Visually the most important.   We carry many different types of stone for many different types of projects.  Patios, fire pits, or water features; good quality, dense stone is needed. 
Stone Calculations:
Pond:  (Length x Width)/49=Tons of stone
Stream: 3/4 ton (1500 pound) per 10Ft & 3Ft Width
Waterfalls: Height x Width x 1.5 x 140lb. per cu ft.

Ball park calculations, actual totals will vary based on type of stone used and creativity.
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This stone is ideal for building up the sides/walls of ponds.  It can also be placed on top or around the pond for a nice natural look.
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Boulders are a nice way to add some natural-looking displays in the backyard.  They look nice around a pond, a fire pit or just in the landscape.  We have a large variety of accent boulders in different colors, sizes and shape.
Stone Benches
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Stone Benches are a nice way to have some seating around a backyard feature.  It gives the back yard a more natural look than pulling out lawn chairs.
River Rock
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River Rock can be placed in any water feature.  It is used in pondless systems, water walls, ponds, and waterfalls.  It can be used on the bottom of ponds or in shelves for planting.
Engraved Stone
Pre-Engraved Stone
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Come to Aquatic Designs & Supplies and pick out one of our engraved stones.  These stones have been selected based on customer feedback.  They range in size color and shape.
Aquatic Designs carries a wide variety of flagstone in different sizes, colors, and thickness.
Weathered Fieldstone
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Blackhills Flagstone
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Hickory Gray Flagstone
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Rocky Mountain Rose Flagstone
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